Prepare Your Furnace For Its Summer Vacation

Many areas are finally experiencing spring weather. With that, furnaces across the country will go on vacation for a few months. Do you know what your furnace needs before you shut it down for the summer? Here, you'll learn how to prepare for furnace for its summer vacation.

Supply List

  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40
  • New Filter
  • Shop-Vac with Attachments – brush and crevice.

Shut off the Gas

Your furnace may still be needed to circulate the air coming from your central air conditioning unit, but you won't need the pilot light to stay lit for the summer. Turn off the gas to save on the cost of gas and as a safety measure. If you allow the gas to remain on, the pilot light could go out and cause gas to leak into your home. Since you're not using heat, it could be quite a while before you notice the gas leaking and your family will be at risk.

Care for the Filter

Remove the old filter and use the shop vac with the crevice attachment to suck as much dirt, dust and debris out of the area. Insert the new filter.

Clean the Blower Fan

Your blower fan will continue to be used if you have central air conditioning. To clean the blower fan, open the access panel on the front of your furnace.

Use the brush attachment to carefully suck all of the dirt and dust off of the blower fan and assembly. Use a cloth to wipe off anything that you can reach that is stuck to the fan. Failure to clean the blower fan will result in the growth of mold that will then be sent throughout your home.

Lubricate the Fan

Use the WD-40 to lubricate the fan. If you skip this step, the fan can seize when it is used for the year. The lubricant needs to be applied to the center of the fan where the fan connects to the mechanical elements.

If you have found anything to be rusted or loose, it's important that you contact your repair technician for assistance. The longer you put off repairs, the greater the chances of something going wrong and putting your family at risk. Your furnace tech will complete an inspection and make any repairs that are needed to give your family the peace of mind in knowing that the furnace is on vacation and will be ready to work come fall.

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