How To Easily Get Your Drains Clear Of Clogs

Keeping the drains in your house clean and clear of clogs is very important in order to ensure that you and everyone else in the house will have full use of them without running into any problems. If you are starting to notice that you might have a small clog in one or more of the drains in the house, you will want to take immediate action. Completing one or more of the following tips is a good place to start.

Pour A Baking Soda Mix Down The Drain

You will want to mix one part baking soda with one part vinegar. Therefore, if you use a half of a cup of baking soda, you will want to use a half of a cup of vinegar. As this starts to fizz, you will want to carefully pour it directly into the drain. The fizzing of this solution will work to break apart any small or medium size clogs that may be within the drain or a little bit into the drain pipe. This solution also works well at cleaning out the drain and removing any lingering odor that may have been there for a while.

Use A Wet/Dry Vacuum

While this might not always work, it can if the clog is just newly formed and not too large. Either way, it is worth it to give it a try before calling in the professional drain cleaners. Simply turn the wet/dry vacuum on to the selection for vacuuming up liquids. Place the end of the hose directly over the drain. If the hose end does not completely cover the drain, you can create a seal by wrapping some duct tape around the end of the hose and connecting to the drain. Once you have it properly sealed, you can turn on the wet/dry vacuum and see if you can suction the clog out of the drain.

Call For Professional Help

If you have found that the previous methods for removing a drain clog have not worked for you, it will be time to get in touch with a professional that provides drain cleaning services. This way, you can get the job done and return to your normal use of the drains.

Remember, it is vital that you are tending to drain clogs as soon as possible. Otherwise, the clog will most likely continue to get worse until you are no longer able to make use of it without creating a terrible mess. For more information, contact companies like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc.