Keeping Portable Toilets Usable In Winter

Whether you are running a construction site or you use portable toilets for extra facilities on your commercial property, keeping them usable during winter takes a bit of extra work. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your portable toilets are safe and welcoming, even in the winter months.

Ground Maintenance

During winter, ice and snow can build up on the ground around your portable toilets. This can make it difficult for people to safely walk to the toilets, and it can even make it difficult to get the doors open. Be sure to include shoveling snow and icing the walkways part of your regular portable toilet maintenance. You may also want to check for ice buildup around the doors and handles to ensure they don't become frozen. You can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the ice on door hinges and latches for a quick fix. Prevent ice from forming on the floor inside each unit with a bit of rock salt.

Bowl Anti-Freezing Kits

Another issue is the toilet bowls freezing up before the portable toilets can be serviced by your rental company. Fortunately, you can purchase bowl anti-freezing kits or chemicals that help to prevent this problem. If you run out of these materials, or if you can't find them for purchase in your area, you can also add simple rock salt to the bowls to help prevent freezing.

Toilet Placement

Keeping your portable toilets as warm as possible means finding the ideal placement for them. You'll want to place the toilets in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, as this can help to keep them warmer. Look for a place next to a building that can help to shield the toilets from the wind as well. If you aren't able to find a location that offers either of these benefits, talk to your rental company about heated portable toilets, which can provide a bit of added comfort during the cold weather.

Routine Maintenance

Your toilet rental company can do more than to simply empty out each unit as needed. Talk to your rental company about regular cleaning, which can help to keep the units more inviting during the winter months. You may also request regular inspections to ensure that the roofs are not leaking, as water coming into the portable toilets can cause the floor to become icy.

Use these tips to keep your toilets usable during the winter months, and come up with a plan for maintenance and cleaning to help ensure everyone has a pleasant experience. For more information, visit websites like