3 Magical Things Your Plumber Can Do With Very Little Effort

You consider hiring a plumber when yo have a leaky pipe, you have problems with your toilet or septic system, and maybe even when you install a new water heater. However, a plumber is far more useful than what the average homeowner knows, partially because they hold a wealth of knowledge because of their training and experience. These pros with a monkey wrench are so skilled, in fact, that they can do things that you may never dream they could in almost magical fashion. Check out this short list of three magical things your plumber can do with very little effort. 

The plumber can tell you whether lines are in bad shape without digging them up. 

The main water delivery lines that bring water into your home can be made out of all sorts of materials, from iron and steel to PVC, depending on where you live and who built your home. While these pipes are designed to last the long haul, eventually, they do break down. When they do, it can leave trace amounts of certain contaminants in your water supply. Your plumber can analyze your water quality and let you know if your main water delivery lines need to be replaced by what contaminants are in the water. 

The plumber can point out your main water consumers without batting an eye. 

Are you trying to minimize water usage in your home? If so, bring a plumber over to give you the rundown on what it is in your house that is using the most water. In a lot of cases, these professionals are so familiar with certain water-involved appliances that they know exactly how much water they use according to the make and model. Your washing machine, hot water heater, and even your dishwasher could be culprits, and the plumber will have no issue telling you which one is guilty. 

The plumber can clear a major drain blockage without causing a chaotic mess.

If you've ever tried to clear a blocked drainage line on your own, you know how messy this job can be. From overflowing dirty water to disassembled pipes that hold all kinds of vile crud, this is not a task for the faint of heart (or stomach). When you call a plumber to handle a blocked drain, they can tackle it in nothing flat with industry tools, such as a motorized plumbing snake, that reaches right into the drain and grabs whatever is in the way.

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