How To Make The Plumbing At Your Business Last Longer

Your business has plumbing that is responsible for delivering water to employees and customers every single day. Over the years, the pipes can see wear that will eventually lead to a leak or pipe damage, which can cause an expensive pipe replacement or repair by a professional plumber. A few simple things can prevent your pipes from becoming damaged and give them some extra life, such as:

Eliminate Paper Towels In The Bathroom

While you may be good about watching what you flush while at the office, you cannot control what customers flush. The best way to prevent unwanted items from going into a toilet is to completely remove them from the bathroom.

Consider ditching those paper towels and switching to automatic hand dryers instead. Not only do they create less waste and are better for the environment, but it will remove that temptation to flush a paper towel down the toilet by somebody that doesn't care about your plumbing.

Flush The Hot Water Heater

It's common for a hot water heater to collect all types of sediment over the years from the water line coming into your business. Even though you do not use the water for drinking and mainly for washing hands, you still want to take steps to remove sediment from the tank.

The sediment is known for displacing heat inside the hot water heater, which puts more stress on the heating element to heat up the water. In addition, the sediment can get into the pipe and potentially cause a pipe to burst if you do not take action.

You should drain all of the water in your hot water tank on an annual basis, which will flush out the sediment with it. A water filter on the cold water going into the hot water tank should help prevent sediment build up in the future.

Install Automatic Faucets

Excessive water use can also put stress on the pipes at your business. While you can't control how long someone uses the sink, you can take steps to encourage them to use less water. Installing faucets on sinks with an automatic shut off will encourage people to stop using the sink when the water shuts off. You'll also use less hot water, which reduces water heater strain, which expands its lifespan as well.

Seek out the help of a commercial plumbing service if you need assistance modifying the plumbing at your business.