10 Step Checklist For Preparing Your Furnace For Winter Heating Needs

You are going to be needing your heating soon, and there is some maintenance to do before the winter weather starts this year. Preparing your furnace for another cold winter is a chore that involves cleaning, repairs and maintenance to ensure your heating is working without any problems when the cold weather arrives. Here is a 10-step checklist that will help with your furnace maintenance to prepare for winter:

1. Turning the Power Off to Your HVAC System and Furnace

Before you get started with furnace maintenance, make sure that the power is off. Turn the AC off, and then, turn the breakers off. There will also be a main power switch for your HVAC that you want to turn off. Check the furnace with a voltage tester before you begin servicing it.

2. Changing Filters and Adjusting Dampers in Ductwork

When you use HVAC for heating and cooling, the ducts have dampers in them. These are going to need to be adjusted to preparing your HVAC system for heating your home. Use a screwdriver to adjust dampers for heating.

3. Removing Doors and Panels to Access Furnace for Maintenance

Furnaces have doors or access panels that will need to be removed to access components. Open the access door and remove panels that may be covering parts like the blower. When you finish maintenance, make sure that all access panels are fastened tightly in place.

4. Inspecting Burners, Pilots Lights and Ignitors in The Furnace

The burners, pilot light and ignitors are often dirty or damaged from the past heating system. Check all these components to make sure they are working properly. If the parts are dirty, clean them. Make sure that you do not touch ignitors because this can damage them.

5. Blowing Out Dust That Has Collected Inside of The Furnace

Over the course of a year, dust collects inside the furnace. Some parts you may be able to clean manually, but there are also parts that can be damaged. To avoid damage to the ignitor and other sensitive parts, blow the dust out of the furnace with air to clean areas with sensitive parts.

6. Removing the Fan/Blower for Maintenance and Cleaning

The blower of your furnace is a component that needs maintenance, and it is best to remove the blower or fan for maintenance. Take the blower out of its housing by removing fasteners on its base. Clean the blower and put it back in the housing and refasten it.

7.  Inspecting Fan Belts for Wear and Replacing Them If Needed

While you are with the fan or blower, inspect the belts for wear. If you notice cracking or wear, it is a good time to replace the belt while you are doing maintenance to the system.

8. Greasing Moving Parts That Wear Quickly Due to Friction

There are many moving parts inside your furnace. These parts need to have the bearings and bushing greased to reduce friction. Apply lubricant to parts like the bearings of the blower motor and belt drive.

9. Inspecting and Repairing Ductwork Before Testing Furnace

Once you have completed maintenance to the furnace itself, close it and inspect the ductwork. Look for ducts that have wear, missing tape and air leaks. Repair the air leaks of ductwork to reduce energy loss during the winter months.

10. Turning the Furnace on And Checking That Everything Is Working

Before you complete your maintenance, turn the furnace on and inspect that everything is working. In addition, inspect the ductwork again; looking for air leaks that may have been missed and need to be repaired.

These are the things that you will need to do to prepare your furnace for another cold winter. If you need repairs done or help with servicing your heating, contact an HVAC maintenance service or plumber to help with some of these tasks before the cold weather arrives.