How A Hot Water Dispenser Can Benefit Your Office

If you run an office, then you want to do everything you can to help the office run smoothly. There are many little changes you can make around the entire office that can create big positives. One of the things that you should think about doing is to have a hot water dispenser installed at the sink. Here are some of the benefits a hot water dispenser can bring to your office:

 A hot water dispense will cut down on food prep time

When your employees are making something to eat which needs hot water added to it, you can find a long line formed at the microwave. Each person will put water in the microwave one at a time, and more than likely put the microwave on three minutes to get the water hot enough to properly cook foods like oatmeal, cup-of-soup, and others. This means five employees needing heated water from the microwave will take 15 minutes for everyone to have their food prepared.

When you have a hot water dispenser installed in the break room's sink, the employees can instead walk right up to the hot water dispenser and have the water poured right into their meal instantly, allowing them to sit right down and eat. This also leaves the microwave readily available to those who have other types of foods to cook that actually requires the use of the microwave.

A hot water dispenser will offer instant drinks

If you have your employees getting up and going to the microwave throughout their shift to heat up cups of water for tea or instant coffee, then that is at least three minutes each time that they won't be doing their job. When they can get heated water right at the sink, the only time they will be taking away from their job is the quick walk to and from the sink.

A hot water dispenser makes rinsing out cups easier and faster

Another thing that can take time is for the employees to rinse out their cups at the end of the day if they have to wait for the regular hot water to heat up first. When you have a line of people wanting to rinse their cups, this can cause a traffic jam in the break room. When you have a hot water dispenser, they can walk right up to it, rinse their cup and go back to their station without waiting. In cold climates, it can take a few minutes for the regular tap's hot water to actually come out hot, where the hot water dispenser will be ready to go.

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