4 Different Ways To Unclog Your Sink When It’s All Backed Up

If your sink in your kitchen gets clogged, and you need to do work in your kitchen, you are going to want to unclog your sink as quickly as possible to get back to work. Here are a few ways that you can unclog your kitchen sink:

#1 Use A Plunger

You can use a plunger to unclog your sink. Make sure that you use a plunger that is designed to be used for sinks, not toilets. Sink plungers have a cup like structure on the bottom of them that helps you create a seal with your kitchen sink.

Put the plunger in your sink, and place it directly over the opening to your sink. Use a wet rag to cover up any overflow drains in your sink. Make sure that there is water to cover up your plunger. Then, plunge up and down a few times before breaking the seal and see if the clog dissolves itself. This may take a few attempts.

#2 Use Hot Water

Second, you can use hot water to break up a clog in your kitchen sink. Boil some water on your stove, and then pour it down your pipes. This works best if you have metal pipes. The hot water will help warm up the pipes and break up the clog in your sink. This will work well if grease or soap are clogging up your drain. The hot water will melt away the junk in your sink.

For this to work though, you need to boil some hot water and do not just use hot tap water. Hot tap water is not hot enough to break up the clogs in your sink.

#3 Remove The Waste Trap

Third, at the bottom of the sink, there is a waste trap. The waste trap is a u-shaped plumbing piece where waste can accumulate. Put a bucket under the waste trap. Then, use a pipe wrench to loosen the slip-nuts on the trap. When you open the trap, dump the water into the bucket. Then, use a wire to loosen and remove any debris that has accumulated in the trap. You can use boiling hot water to clean the trap as well.

#4 Chemical Drain Cleaners

Finally, you can use a chemical drain cleaner to get rid of the clog in your sink. This is an option that you should use sparingly. Chemicals are not friendly to the environment and can be harsh on your plumbing if you use them too frequently. Chemical drain cleaners should be your last resort when it comes to unclogging your sink. 

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