3 DIY Plumbing Repair Tips That Could Save You Money

When you have a problem with the plumbing in your home, repairs can be costly, which is why you may want to try to fix small issues yourself. Before calling the plumber, there are some simple DIY plumbing tricks that you may want to try, such as clearing stopped up drains with a natural drain cleaner recipe or fixing plumbing vents with a garden hose. Here are some DIY plumbing tips that could help you save money on those costly plumbing repairs:

1. Clearing Stopped Up Kitchen Sinks with DIY Plumbing Tricks

When the kitchen sink in your home becomes stopped up, you may not need to call the plumber right away. Since a lot of grease and fat ends up in the sink, you may want to try a DIY drain cleaner; baking soda and vinegar are natural and good at eating away at the buildup on sinks. If the drain cleaner does not work, try removing the trap beneath the sink to clear the clog.  Installing a sink trap with cleanout caps on the bottom will make it easier to do this chore with your kitchen sink when it becomes clogged.

2. Solving the Problem of Noisy Plumbing and Problems with Vent Pipes

When your drains begin to make strange noises, this is often due to the vent pipes of your plumbing being clogged. Animals and debris from trees can get into the pipes and stop them up. Before you contact a plumber to help with the problem, you may want to try clearing the vent pipe with a garden hose. Sometimes, the blockage may be at the top of the pipe, and a garden hose is not even needed to clear the vent of debris. Add a screen to vent pipes to prevent them from becoming clogged again.

3. Tricks to Solving Problems with Clogged Bathtub and Shower Drains

Bathtubs and showers also become clogged with debris like soap. People often make the mistake of trying to plunge or snake the drain. It will work better if you remove the overflow and snake the drain to remove the clog. If you are trying to plunge the drain, cover the overflow with a wet rag to stop air from escaping. 

These are some DIY plumbing tricks that you will want to try before calling a plumbing contractor for repairs. Not every plumbing trick is going to work, so you will want to contact a plumbing contractor like A AA Acme Plumbing & Drain Service for the problems that are a little more than you can handle on your own.