Planting New Trees In Your Yard? Prepare For Potential Sewer Backups

When you buy a new house, planting new trees can help you create a more friendly and beautiful yard. However, there is a serious chance that sewer problems could occur. Here's what you need to consider about this serious problem.

How Tree Roots Cause Sewer Backups

Planting trees in a backyard is a great way to decorate a lawn and make it beautiful. However, the roots of new trees can quickly spread through a yard. When this happens, there is a good chance that they may grow into your sewer. A sewer impacted by tree roots can cause serious problems that can be hard to manage if you don't manage them properly.

For example, it can make it very difficult for water and other sewage elements to flow from your home and to the sewage collection areas. This can cause your water to flow down the toilet more slowly or down your drain pipes. When this happens, backups may appear.

Water Damage Can Occur Very Easily

As tree roots expand and break up a sewer pipe, backups are going to become more common with your toilet. When this happens, the water may overflow and spread across your bathroom floor. That kind of damage can be severe, especially if an overflow happens when you are not at home. Even worse, persistent overflows can continually cause more damage.

The worst part about tree roots is that they will continually grow and further damage your pipes. As a result, it can be increasingly difficult to flush the toilet or send water down the drain. Thankfully, it is possible to clean up the sewer system of these roots.

How Sewer Cleanup Works

Sewer cleanup works by checking the build of your sewer and finding problems that could be impacting it. For example, tree roots growing in the system will be carefully cut up and removed by professionals. After this step, the sewer will be carefully repaired to ensure that it can properly pump sewage and store it.

If backup has ever occurred in your home due to this problem, you should also have professional home repair experts come into your home to ensure that the floor is fixed. This will help to ensure that water damage and mold don't spread.

So if you just planted trees in your backyard, make sure to check where your sewer is located. You can always install a barrier around it to ensure that it doesn't get invaded by tree roots. These barriers can also be installed around the side of the tree to keep them from ever heading towards the sewer.

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