Keep Your Drains Clear: 4 Tips

The drains in your home are responsible for getting rid of waste and dirty water, but they aren't able to handle large food particles, paint, grease/oil, feminine products or roots. Your drains can clog with these items going into your sewer drain. Be sure to keep your drains clean and clear to prevent backups in your home. See below for some helpful tips.

1. Use A Disposal

If scraping dishes before doing the dishes is not your thing, then a garbage disposal may be your answer. You can scrap your dishes in the sink and turn on the disposal, skipping the step to the garbage can. The disposal won't chomp up everything though; some things aren't meant to go into the disposal. Things such as hard food scraps - bones or fruit pits - and other scraps such as corn husks and cobs, celery, coffee grounds, grease, oil, and egg shells all should not be put down your disposal. 

2. Stick With One-Ply

If your system is sensitive it may clog with regular 2-ply toilet paper. You may need to use something that dissolves faster such as 1-ply or other toilet paper meant for sensitive systems. It may not be what you prefer, but it may be better for your sewer system and could prevent backups. Be sure everyone in your household knows not to use too much toilet paper, and that other items should not be flushed down your toilet.

3. Dispose Of Paint Properly

Paint should never be washed down your drain. Clean your paint supplies using mineral oil instead of washing them in your sink. Paint can harden in your drain and cause it to clog. Leftover paint from paint trays can be put back into the can. Using paint tray liners help make cleaning up much easier, as you don't have to clean them out at all.

4. Get Rid Of Roots

Roots that are growing into your sewer drains can be killed using a granular root killer that you flush down your toilet. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package as far as how much you should use and how often you should use it. If you have a big problem with roots, you may need to get rid of the tree causing the issue.

Your sewer drains can cause big problems if you aren't careful with your system. Use care and caution with what you place down your drains. If you are experiencing problems with your drains call a professional plumber, such as Service Now, for help clearing out the clog.