Two Questions To Ask When Your Venue When Getting A Portable Toilet

If you find the venue for your wedding doesn't have enough bathroom facilities to accommodate the number of people who will be at the event, you can rent portable toilets to pick up the slack. However, here are two questions you need to ask the venue to make sure it can accommodate extra portable bathrooms for events.

Is the Venue Amenable to Having a Portable Toilet Installed?

It's one thing to decide you need portable toilets but quite another to actually get them installed on the property. Before you call to rent extra bathroom facilities, you need to make sure the venue has space to fit them. Portable bathrooms come in a variety of sizes, and the more of them you need, the more space is necessary to accommodate them.

Decide which type of portable toilet you want and get the dimensions from the company. Afterwards, contact or tour the venue to determine where they can be placed. The area should be flat and preferably downwind from the main event; otherwise, the toilet may accidentally tip over or unpleasant smells may find their way to your wedding/reception.

Since these bathrooms must be carted in using heavy machinery, you'll also need to determine if the place where the portable toilets will go can be accessed by large trucks. The property owner may not have a problem with the toilets per se but might object to having big machinery travel over the grass. Work out any issues with the venue before ordering your portable toilets to avoid problems on the day of the event.

Is There a Power Source Available?

Many portable toilets don't need access to plumbing because the waste is stored in a special container that's emptied by the company once the event is over. However, the bathroom may need to be plugged into a source of electricity to supply power to internal lighting.

Thus, you should find out where the toilets can be plugged in and whether their circuit box can supply the amount of power these bathrooms require. Again, you'll need to ask the company providing the toilets what amps are needed and then relay that requirement to the venue manager to see if their electrical system can accommodate it.

However, don't be discouraged if the venue can't or won't let you use their electricity. You can obtain battery-operated lighting to place in the portable toilets that should work just as well and can be reused for other purposes.

For more information about renting portable toilets for your event, or to make a reservation, contact a local rental company.