3 Annual Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Too many homeowners only think of their plumbing system when something goes majorly wrong, like a backed-up sewer line or other costly problem. A much wiser approach is to proactively maintain your plumbing system, just like you do for your car. A well-maintained plumbing system is less likely to break down, and the various components will also last longer when properly maintained. Here are a few plumbing-related tasks to add to your annual homeownership to-do list.

1. Have an Annual Plumbing Inspection

Having an experienced, licensed plumber inspect your system once a year or so is a smart move too few homeowners take advantage of. Your plumbing pro will inspect and evaluate your system using special tools and scope cameras.

This means they will identify the location and causes of clogs, determine if any pipes are wearing out and need to be repaired or replaced, ensure your water pressure is adequate, as well as many other helpful details. This simple step should give you immense peace of mind since you will know of any plumbing problems before they become more serious and expensive to remedy.

2. Have Your Drains and Pipes Flushed

Once a month or so, it's a good idea to flush your pipes with hot water to keep them clear and flowing properly. Even when you take this step, however, over time hair, food, and other debris are likely to accumulate in your drains and pipes. To prevent this debris from leading to clogs, sign up for an annual drain and pipe clearing service. Your plumber will use a high-powered tool to flush large quantities of water and cleaning solvent through your pipes and drains. This sanitizes your plumbing system and removes clogs before they become serious. 

3. Have Your Main Sewer Line Inspected

One of the most expensive and inconvenient problems that can occur at home is when the main sewer line is clogged with tree branches or otherwise damaged. The best way to prevent this is to have your main sewer line inspected professionally with a camera once a year. If there is no problem, then you know you don't have to worry. If tree roots are growing into your main line, there is a cracked pipe, or anything else, your plumber can fix it while it is still a simple and affordable problem to repair.

Following these tips and calling a plumbing repair service at the first sign of needed repairs will keep your plumbing system chugging along and minimize clogs and other problems.