Knowing When To Hire A Plumber

Plumbers are one of the most contacted technicians in the repair trade. Their range of work includes repairs on smaller issues like stopped-up sinks to major repair work on hidden leaks. While some homeowners will attempt to do minor plumbing repairs themselves, it is recommended that for most plumbing issues, a professional be contacted. In many cases, homeowners who have attempted to repair a plumbing issue themselves have had to contact a plumber to undo their work and complete the repairs. In many cases, attempting to repair plumbing issues yourself just worsens the issue and increases the repair costs. 

When Should You Contact a Plumber?

It is recommended that you contact a plumber periodically to inspect for hidden issues. The majority of homeowners will contact a plumber when plumbing issues become emergencies.

Unfortunately, when a plumbing issue becomes an emergency, the costs will be substantial to the homeowner. Not only will the labor be more expensive, but materials will cost more because the issue may have progressed to affect the pipes and surrounding walls.

Plumbers can sometimes even provide video inspection. Video inspection checks for hidden issues that may not be known to the homeowners immediately, allowing you to determine if a seemingly minor issue is actually a major one. 

As a homeowner or renter, you should contact a plumber if your water flow slows down. This means that an issue is building up with your plumbing. Sediments may be blocking the water flow. This is a sign that you should contact a plumber to fix the issue from the onset rather than waiting.

Home remedies may seem to ameliorate the issue, and they may do so temporarily. Sometimes, home remedies simply hide the issue and allow it to build to an emergency level. While the internet, friends, and family will provide a series of recommendations on how to unclog a faucet or speed up your water flow, contacting a plumber may be the most cost-efficient step. 

Selecting the Best Plumber for the Job

You should consider a number of criteria when selecting a plumber. An experienced plumber will complete the job successfully at the shortest labor time, while an inexperienced one may simply create more headaches for you. Below are some of the criteria you should check before hiring a plumber. 

  • In many states, plumbers are required to be licensed. If your state requires that plumbers be licensed, do not hesitate to ask if the plumber has one. 

  • Ask the plumber if they are insured. All plumbers are required to carry insurance. 

  • Experienced plumbers should provide references. References indicate the quality of the plumber's work through other clients' experiences. 

  • Visit the Better Business Bureau to check the rating for the plumbers. 

  • Before contacting a plumber, ask about their pricing. They may not be able to quote you a final price without seeing the problem. Pricing may vary based on the length of labor and the cost of materials. However, you will gauge an idea about their pricing by asking them over the telephone. 

  • See if the plumbers offer any warranties on their work. Many plumbers will offer a guarantee for their labor for around a year. 

  • Find out if they offer emergency services. Some plumbers offer emergency services 24/7.   

If there are any issues with your plumbing system, even seemingly minor ones, do not delay contacting a plumber such as Travers Plumbing & Heating Inc. You will likely save yourself time, money, and trouble in the future.