3 Tips To Avoid Plumbing Problems In Your Hotel

Do you manage a hotel? If so, you likely know that even the smallest issue can have a big impact on guest experience. That's especially true when it comes to plumbing in each room. Low shower pressure can ruin a guest's morning. A clogged toilet or drain can cause a mess that can ruin your guest's visit. If a guest complains about plumbing issues in their room, you may have to comp their stay to keep them satisfied. That can have a big impact on your bottom line.

The best way to resolve plumbing issues is to take proactive preventive measures. It's usually more affordable to avoid plumbing issues than it is to fix them after the fact, especially if the issue turns into an urgent emergency. Below are a few tips to help you minimize the risk of plumbing issues and keep your guests happy.

1. Invest in shower pumps and pressure monitors. Low water pressure can impact your hotel in a number of ways. It can ruin a guest's stay if they aren't able to enjoy a satisfactory shower. Low water pressure can also limit your staff's ability to clean dishes or laundry. Low pressure can also be a sign of a leak somewhere in the building, so it's important to root out the cause of the problem.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do. One is to install shower pumps throughout the building. These devices take low-pressure water and then use centrifugal force to push the water out of the shower head at a much higher rate of pressure. This can keep your guests happy. Also, install pressure monitors in the building. If water pressure is falling, consider having a commercial plumber out to look for any leaks.

2. Install hair catchers in each room. Hair is a top culprit of clogs. It's especially troublesome in a hotel as guests may not use the same level of care that they would in their own home. An easy fix is to install hair catchers in your shower and sink drains. Then, simply have the cleaning staff remove and clean the hair catcher as they clean each room. This one step could greatly reduce your risk of drain clogs.

3. Proactively have your drains cleaned. Drain cleaning can be expensive in a large hotel. However, it's almost always more expensive to have your drains cleaned in an emergency than it is as a preventive step. Schedule regular cleanings to eliminate clogs before they arise. If your hotel has multiple floors, cleanings are even more important. You likely have vertical soil stack pipes that take waste from toilets and bathtubs. These stacks can easily get clogged because they accumulate waste from the top of the building to the bottom. A regular cleaning can remove any waste that has clung to the inside of the pipes.

Ready to eliminate your plumbing issues? Contact a commercial plumber in your area for more information. They can help you identify risks and take preventive action.